Valentine & Rat Balls: February 2021 Vlog

Hi there Jellyfishes and welcome to our February 2021 updates! In this loved up month of February we celebrated my 28th year on this planet, and shared the love for the whole Fluffy Jellyfish family on Valentine’s Day. I showed off all of my plants and introduced you to my new series A Plant Killer’s…

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Fluffy Jellyfish Family

It is my Birthday today and I wanted to share the love with my pets and with you!! I hope you have a wonderful loved up day, and I hope you get to spend some special moments today with your pets! I love you so much for being here with me and engaging in my…

I Am A Happy Fluffy Jellyfish: A trip to SEA LIFE London Aquarium

My favourite exhibit was the jellyfish… obviously! There were a lot of species on display, more than I had ever seen before, and with the use of colour-changing lights they looked even more beguiling. I wandered around in these rooms for so long even Stuart was starting to get bored!!

Valentine’s & Self-Care: A trip to The Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park

Akin to all animal parks, Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park plays an important role in conservation by breeding animals at risk of extinction in the wild. They work with other animal centres to generate, and maintain, healthy populations of endangered species. Through education with the centre, and events organised by the park, they are a great resource for raising awareness of the threats to endangered species and the environments they live in.