Feathers & Flying: A S&D Falconry Experience

Our adventure with S&D Falconry was a fantastic flying experience where we were able to learn all about five beautiful birds of prey. We were lucky enough to be able to fly these majestic birds, watch them perform incredible flying demonstrations, and enjoy listening to their history.

Adventures & Howling: A trip to Twycross Zoo

Importantly, for me, Twycross Zoo has an ethos firmly rooted in conservation and education. To date, they have been involved in 55 conservation projects and has an extensive research programme in place. To me, this is a fundamental aspect of all zoos, and nature centres, as it provides a bedrock of supporting animal conservation in the wider world, and increasing knowledge of environmentalism, and conservation in the general public… which is really important!

Learning Zone: A Trip to Rodbaston Animal Zone

Rodbaston Animal Zone is a little tired, and in need of refurbishment. There are a good variety of animals on display, and they are a joy to see, but their homes are in need of re-vamping. A little disappointing.

Exotic Sanctuary: A Trip to Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre

Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre is a safe haven for exotic animals. Here they can have a chance at a second life, and recover from their neglected past lives. Highlights include beautiful wildcats, characterful raccoons, and a gigantic wolfdog!

Twit-twoo: A Trip to The Scottish Owl Centre

The Scottish Owl Centre is a perfect day out for owl lovers, old and new. Everything you have ever wanted to know about owls is right there, and all the birds are spectacular to see up close in all their feathered glory!

Discovering Pixelated Creatures at BrickLive 2018

This past weekend I treated Stuart to a trip to BrickLive 2018 for his belated Birthday because he is a MASSIVE Lego fan! and it turned out to be a lot more creaturey than I had expected…   The Mythical Beasts section of this event was a fantastic highlight for me, not only did it…