Fluffy Jellyfish

Chloe Henderson

Hi there! My name is Chloe Henderson and Fluffy Jellyfish is all about the animals in my life! I am a pet parent to rats, a tortoise, millipedes, sea monkeys, a cat, a bunch of plants, and a praying mantis – this channel is all about their adventures, and sharing with you how I care for my animals 🐭 🐈 🐒 πŸ› 🦐 🌿 My aspiration for Fluffy Jellyfish is to learn as much as I can about our beautiful natural world, and share with you my passion for all of the beautiful creatures that inhabit our planet! Stay tuned to see pet care guides, zoo vlogs, animal facts, pet product reviews, animal art and DIYs, and so so so many more critter escapades!! ⭐️ Follow for blogs all about my pets and the animals that I encounter! I post new content every week! ⭐️


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