Rat Cage Tour & Savic Suite Royale XL Setup Vlog

Hello wonderful jellyfishes!

Today’s video is long overdue!! We are finally doing a rat cage tour of the Savic Suite Royale XL upgrade that we did for the rat boys when we moved house! You’ll get to see the setting up vlog, and the alterations we made to the cage, as well as a timelapse of how we clean and arrange our cage, and the cage tour of course!! I hope you enjoy checking out the mischief’s home!!

If you have any questions about our cage, do drop them in the comments below!! and let me know what future videos you would like to see from me and the rat boys!!

I am also constantly looking to improve my rat care, and upgrade the cage with as many fun and interesting things for the boys to do as possible! I especially love DIY toys, accessories, and free roam activities that we can do with them… so, if you have any ideas or resources, please share them in the comments! and do hit that subscribe button as I plan to share more tutorial-style videos in the future with some of my own DIY rat toys and games!!

Stay tuned…

Much love.
Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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