Drawing Ice Cream Thor & A New Family Member: March 2021 Vlog

Hi there Jellyfishes and welcome to our March 2021 updates!

These updates are coming to you with a bit of anguish and annoyance! My March wasn’t that great – I had some physical health issues this month, which meant my mental health went into a downhill spiral. As you may already know, I suffer from anxiety and one of my main triggers is health. In short, anxious brain makes a big deal out of everything and even the small things seem devastating. So, my posting schedule was wayyy off in March, and I didn’t post a single video or blog.

Luckily, I did manage to get some work done so there are a few work in progress videos that just need to be finished off! and I did end up doing more than I thought I did!

Elvis is still plodding along happy with life and Stuart is continuing to work on the garden! It is now fully cleared – with just a little bit of rubble to break up to be recycled into the concrete base – and my Dad is popping round at the weekend to give us some advice on how to move forward with the actual building! Stuart is so excited to have his work shed all finished, and I am so excited to have a home for Elvis outside! I can’t wait to get to the landscaping and decorating stage, and when the planters are finished as well I’m so keen to start gardening and trying to grow things… including food for Elvis!!

In rat updates news I painted the wooden shelves in the rat cage this month, and they have already been chewed a lot! I also filmed a rat cage tour and introduced you to their upgraded cage, which will be dropping soon! so, stay tuned for that vlog!!
The young rat boys are all still getting on really well, and Tiamat is adjusting to his life without testicle perfectly! He has shown no signs of hormonal aggression since the neutering, and has integrated himself back into the group with no issues.
The older boys are all a little worse for wear, but are still happy in their old age. Mushu and Spyro are showing a bit of hind-leg degeneration, and I am supplementing their diet with omega oils in hopes that it will ease the speed of deterioration. If they continue to get worse, we will take them to the vets – they likely won’t be able to do very much, but may prescribe us anti-inflammatories. Haku and Horntail are starting to weaken, and thin down a lot. We are a bit worried that we don’t have much time with them left. They both have a vets trip booked in soon, and we are hopeful that we will be able to provide some treatment for end of life care, but we need to come to terms with the reality that the only thing we can do is to help them in their journey over the rainbow bridge. Having pets with short lifespans is tough, and making these decisions never get any easier.

In happier news we bought a laser pointer for Thor and it is the best thing he has ever played with in his whole life. He LOVES IT SO MUCH!!! This month I also drew Thor as an ice-cream cone!! Stay tuned for another post coming soon with the timelapse drawing and a detailed look at the chonky boi as a creamy delight!

Most exciting of all this month is that we added a new friend to the Fluffy Jellyfish family!! You got to peek at them in my vlog, but you’ll just have to wait for the full reveal in an upcoming post!!!

Hit that follow button if you want to follow my adventures this April! Coming up this month I will be posting my long overdue update for my praying mantis enclosure, and a long overdue upgraded rat cage tour too! We also recently bought Thor a fancy ceramic water fountain, so there will be a review video coming for that soon too! as well as an introduction the newest member of the Fluffy Jellyfish family, and trip back in time to my adventure at Sea Life London! Lots to look forward to this coming month!!!

Over and out from the Fluffy Jellyfish family! We hope you had a fantastic March, and that your April will be full of fun and adventures!

Much love.
Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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