Our first neutered rat! and other vet visits! January 2021 Vlog

Hi there jellyfishes and welcome to our January 2021 updates!
January in the Fluffy Jellyfish household was full of ups and downs… we had a few vet visits, I put out some cool videos that I’m proud of, and we are still working our way through the house and pet room and trying to sort everything out to be perfect!

This month, Thor needed a visit to the vets for an infected scratch on his back. We are not completely sure what happened, but guessed that it was likely he had scratched his back a little too rough, and some piece of dirt or bacteria managed to get into the wound from his teeth or claws. He was very good at the vets, and after a couple of weeks of wound cleaning, and antibiotic cream applications the wound cleared up nicely. Now, we are just hoping his shaved patch grows back soon!!
We went on a bunch of different nature walks to the beach, which you can check out more by following us on TikTok!
Tiamat started to display signs of hormonal aggression. We have been really lucky with our rats so far, as none of them have shown any aggression besides dominance battles and play fights, but with Tiamat we knew that this was more than the small fights we had dealt with so far. After taking advice from a bunch of different sources, we decided to separate from his cagemates and booked him in for a neuter. The surgery was a success, and he is currently spending his time in a hospital cage until the hormones work their way out of his system. I will keep you updated on his progress, and his re-introductions into the group!
We also went back in time a little and I took you on an adventure from our time in Birmingham to Balsall Heath City Farm & Woodgate Urban Valley Farm! Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will be allowed out again and be able to go on more adventures!!

Hit that follow button if you want to follow my adventures this February! Coming up this month you’ll be meeting my plants as I introduce my Plant Killers Guide to Trying Not to Kill Plants! I will be filming a long overdue update for my praying mantis enclosure, once our base tray for the rat cage has arrived I will film an upgraded rat cage tour, and a pet room tour! and possibly a rat toy haul video as I want to order a bunch of stuff for the new rat cage as it is MUCH bigger than our old one! and I’m sure there will also be a bunch of surprises throughout the month too… as you never can predict what will happen when you share your life with animals!

Over and out from the Fluffy Jellyfish family! We hope you had a fantastic January, and that your February will be full of fun and adventures!

Much love.
Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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