Cats & Chickens: An Adventure to Ballsall & Woodgate Farms

I have been stuck inside for too long and the sadness is seeping into my bones. Stuart heals my weary heart with a trip to a healing cat, clucking hens, and screaming geese amongst the hailstones…

Today’s adventure is a little trip back in time to last summer, and while we are currently stuck inside, I will live vicariously through my past exciting vlog clips into the world outside! Stuart treated me to a day at the farm… but not just one farm, two farms!! We visited Balsall Heath City Farm and Woodgate Urban Valley Farm.

Woodgate Valley Urban Farm is a Registered Charity dedicated to offering a range of practical work and volunteering experience for those within our local community. There is a special emphasis upon young people suffering from social exclusion, and elements of the Project provide a focus for rehabilitation into the local community through hands – on work giving a variety of basic competences including livestock management, horticultural and conservation activity, and improved social and life skills.


I think community farms like these are so important, and offer really valuable enrichment to their local communities. With projects like hands-on placements for young people suffering from social exclusion, and work experience programmes from Woodgate, and educational visits, and the big feed community café at Balsall Heath, it is quite clear just how beneficial these centres are for their local areas.

Myself and Stuart were there to soak up the natural surroundings, and to shake off my depression with the healing presence of animals, and the gravity of that cannot be understated. Access to natural spaces like this are so important to good mental health… I know I felt much better after visiting! It’s also important that folks like myself and Stuart do visit, as the pennies that we popped in the donation boxes are vital keeping these community farms running. It was free to enter Balsall Heath City Farm, and there was a £1 entry for Woodgate Valley Urban Farm, so they rely on the donations of the community to keep the farms running. Both facilities were volunteer-led, so every penny really did count, and receiving good funding is vital to the continuance of these wonderful little farms!

As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed my visits to these farms. I was having a rubbish mental health week, and this little dose of nature-filled fun was just what I needed to set my mind right again. Thank you Stuart! I had a wonderful day… especially with the help of Homer the cat, who truly made my whole week worth it, and healed me with his beautiful purrs!!!

Thank you for coming on this adventure with me, and I do hope to see you again in the future!

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Much love.
Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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