Over the Rainbow Bridge: Falkor

Today, I am sad to announce the passing of Falkor.

Falkor was the first rat that I ever held. When we went to visit them at the breeders, Falkor was so chill and happily snuggled up into my arm to have a nap while we chatted. Which was very much the pattern of the rest of his life! Falkor was the sleepiest of boys, even as a slightly more energetic kitten, he loved nothing more than finding the best spot to take a snooze!!

Haku, Drogon, and Smaug were Falkor’s brothers, and they were our original group of four boys… we could not have asked for a better introduction into the world of rat parenthood!

You will be very missed sleepy boy. I hope you’ve managed to find the best cosy spots over the rainbow bridge with Smaug, and Drogon.

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