My Pets: The Original Sea Monkeys Diaries!

It has been an epically long time since I unboxed The Original Sea Monkeys and set up my tank! so I thought it might finally be time to share the diary clips I filmed with you…

My little tank of Sea Monkeys lasted around 100 days. They started off a little slow, I had to move them from space to space to find the perfect temperature spot. Once settled in to the best warm spot, the started to grow pretty quickly, and I did see some mating behaviour. I had hoped to see wee babies floating around the tank with the adults, but even a good few weeks after my last adults died, there were no babies to be seen. I now know that the eggs need to be dehydrated, and then be hydrated again for them to hatch, so in the future I will make sure to complete their full life cycle.

I really enjoyed caring for my Sea Monkey tank, and while the vlog clips from past me were not fantastic! I really want to have another go and setting up, and caring for a Sea Monkey tank. Stuart bought me another tank as a birthday present, so when we are moved, and settled in to our new house, you can expect to see more Sea Monkey updates from me in the not too distant future!!

Fluffy Jellyfish out.

p.s. if you want to watch my first unboxing and setup video for these little guys, you can watch it here…

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