My Pets: Rat Intro Diaries Final Thoughts & Vlog

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I think the carrier method works really well for introducing new rats to your established mischief. It is a technique we have now used three times, and it has worked almost perfectly for us each time. When working with animals, nothing ever runs completely smoothly, but I think this method really helps to mitigate potential introduction issues. The process of introducing rats can be quite daunting to new rat parents, and I remember feeling really overwhelmed the first time we went through our intros. The carrier method can help to ease some of the stresses, as you can keep in mind that you can always go back a stage if things don’t work out the first time, and there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you out.
A great resource for if you are having issues, is to join a local Facebook group or forum for rat owners. These can be really valuable resources for getting information, and asking questions when you are struggling, as well as being a source of support. However, remember to take some of the advice with a pinch of salt and remember that not everybody agrees with each other when it comes to animal care. Ask your questions in a few different sources, and compare results to make sure you are getting the best information.
My favourite resources for rat care are Isamu Rats and Emiology and I would highly recommend checking out their information if you are a rat parent! Their content really helped me out when I first started with my rats.

Shenron and Toothless are now fully integrated into our mischief and they are getting on really well with the older boys.
Toothless has recently been suffering from a nasty respiratory infection, and has lost a lot of weight. He seems to be through the worst of his illness, and is back to eating normally again, and no longer sounds croaky. We were really worried about him for a few days, and I started to panic because he would not eat. Luckily, he is back to eating, but it is a struggle to get his medication into him! He will not eat when he is outside of the cage, but if we feed him inside the cage, the other boys try to get involved and steal his food! Our solution has been to feed him his medication just after our free roam sessions. We keep the rest of the boys in the carrier for 10 minutes or so and place Toothless in the empty cage to eat his medication (which we mix with malt paste). This is working – although I’m sure the other rats would disagree as they have to wait a little longer for their dinner! Toothless is starting to recover, and he is slowly starting to put weight back on… but I am a little worried that his growth is going to be stunted. Fingers crossed he makes a full recovery and it does not affect his growth. I think Toothless and Shenron will be on the smaller side due to their background, but Shenron is starting to become a bit of a chonk!!!

Toothless and Shenron are progressing really well with us, and with the rest of the mischief. It is one big happy family, and I am so pleased!

I love rattos so much!!

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Much love from me and the rattos!

Fluffy Jellyfish out.


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