My Pets: Rat Intro Diaries Days 7-10

In the last post we left off with the rattos having just moved in to the top half of the big main cage, and they were just settling down for the night. We had a successful free-roam session with them, and while there were a few scuffles, all was going well.


We are now on Day 7, the next morning. I was a little concerned to see Toothless sleeping far away from the rest of the group. Shenron was continuing to cuddle up to the others, and seemed to be integrating himself really well into the group – he was still a little jumpy, and nervous, but was slowly growing more confident, both with us and with the other rats. Toothless, on the other hand, was confident, but did not seem to want anything to do with the other boys.

I was a worried about Toothless. I did not want him to separate himself too much from the other boys, as it would mean any bonding that was done in the previous stages would end up meaning nothing. Daytime for rats is sleepy time, so, I decided to let them be for the day. If Toothless continued to distance himself, we knew that we would have to move back a couple of stages. Sometimes, a big part of introductions is to be able to read your rats and figure out when they can move on to the next stage, or in fact move back a stage.
I was working from home during the day, so I kept popping in to see how they were doing. I was really pleased to see this in the afternoon…

They were all cuddling together, and Toothless was starting to sleep with everyone else. This continued into Day 8 as well, and my worries about Toothless start to subside. He was cuddling up during the day with the other lads, and during free roam time he was getting into less scuffles, and seemed more accepting of being pinned by the older boys.

Over the next couple of days we slowly added more toys, hides, and hammocks into the cage, as well as opening up the bottom half so they had access to the full cage. We noticed some minor fights, but nothing for us to be overly worried about, and they were all still cuddling up together, with both groups intermixing perfectly. We were so pleased that it was going really well.

We seem to have successfully introduced Toothless and Shenron to our original mischief… fingers crossed! It went really well, and we still need to keep our eye on them over the next few weeks, but I am optimistically confident that these intros have been a success!

We will continue to add accessories into the cage until it is back to normal, as well as continuing to free roam the mischief. Free roaming is the best time to observe your rats behaviour, and it is critical to pay attention to the interactions between the new rats and the existing mischief during these early stages…. but also, you need to treat them for getting on so well together… and for our lads, that means pea-fishing!!!


Make sure you hit that subscribe button to keep up to date with the adventures of our rattos! as I will be adding an updates post in the not too distant future to let you know how the babies are getting on in their new home, as well as posting the video logs of our introductions!

See you soon…

Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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