My Pets: Toothless & Shenron

Today, I am really excited to introduce you to two new members of the Fluffy Jellyfish family! Meet Toothless and Shenron…

Toothless & Shenron (12)

Toothless and Shenron are two adorable little rat kittens that we could not pass up the opportunity of having in our family. After the passing of sweet little Smaug and Drogon, myself and Stuart were starting to talk about adding a couple of new babies to our mischief of rats to balance out the age dynamics of the group… and on a recent trip to Pets at Home we were stopped in our tracks by these stunning boys. They were in the adoption section: Support Adoption for Pets. It felt a little meant to be, and we enquired about their story. It turns out they were an accidental litter within the store itself, and therefore they had to be put up for adoption rather than sold. We knew that this would most likely mean they were a result of inbreeding, and that they may have some health issues down the line… but, we didn’t let this put us off, as we know all pets come with a degree of health concerns, and we are confident that we have learnt enough to handle this. We did not want to impulse buy these babies, and made the decision not to rush. We went home that night to have a proper talk about taking them on, and decided that we were ready, and if they were still in the rescue the next evening we would be taking them home.

As you might have guessed, they were still there!! Toothless is the silky black boy with a white belly, and Shenron is the light cream and white curly rex. They are beautiful rats, and that is why we were so drawn to them in the first place… as well as little Toothless coming right up to the glass to greet us when we peered in and hitting me right in the feels!

We have now had them for a couple of weeks, and Toothless is continuing to be the braver of the two. He is already happy to be picked up, and loves coming out for free roam time. Shenron is a little more nervous, and tends to hang back a bit. He squeaks a little if we try to pick him up, but he is getting more confident in his interactions with us, and will now happily climb all over us as long as we don’t put our hands anywhere near him!! Food is helping! I think Shenron might end up being a little a chonk, as he is very very food motivated! Toothless not so much… so, we need to make sure that he is getting as much to eat as his greedy brother!! I am so in love with them already, and I am really enjoying seeing their little personalities develop.

We will continue to get them used to us over the next few weeks, and help them to settle in. They are currently living in our spare cage in the walk-in wardrobe next to my bedroom while in quarantine from the rest of the mischief. Over the next few weeks I will be documenting the introduction process with Toothless and Shenron to the rest of the boyyos in another round of rat introduction diaries… this time, I will hopefully make a film of the process as well. Stay tuned…

Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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