Over the Rainbow Bridge: Drogon

Today I have some sad news to share with you. Drogon, our grumpy old man black rex ratto, has sadly passed away.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have been following my updates on Drogon’s progress. It was like watching what happened to Smaug all over again, and it was devastating to see the two brothers deteriorate so quickly. We never quite found out what was wrong with Smaug or Drogon, but the most likely cause of their passing was an internal tumour somewhere that was causing organ failure.
After noticing some symptoms similar to Smaug, we booked Drogon into the vets, and were given a very similar prognosis, and some medication to ease any pain he might be in. He perked up a little bit after the medication, and was able to have a few good free roam sessions with his brothers, and some good cuddles up with them during the days. However, we could see him going downhill,  and we made the appointment to help him get to the rainbow bridge a couple of days later. While I was heartbroken at the time, I’m happy to say that Drogon passed away peacefully in my arms before his appointment. I am glad we got to spend those last moments with him, and he was able to pass without any help.

Drogon was one of our original four rats, and I am really going to miss his grumpy little face! He was a very affectionate ratto, and liked to lick our faces and nibble groom our hair… which was a little on the painful side! so I won’t miss that!! I will miss his little dragon ear! After a few scraps, Drogon ended up with a couple of slits in his ear, that made him look even more like his name-sake! We gave his brothers a fantastic feast of bananas, chicken, and grapes as a send-off for Drogon, and I’m sure they are going to miss him as much as we do.

We miss you so much Drogon and I hope you have met up with Smaug, and Puff over the rainbow bridge ❤❤❤

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  1. Sophie Walker says:

    Aww very sorry to hear this ❤️

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