Professional: Hamster Sitting with Bilbo

Last week I had the pleasure of pet-sitting for the adorable little ball of fluff that is Bilbo Hammins!! Bilbo is a cute little one and a half year old Syrian Hamster. She was beautifully inquisitive, and always poked her wee head out of bed when I visited to check on her. Bilbo is very friendly, and loved taking treats from my hands, and was confident enough to enjoy a bit of free-roam time while I was sitting her. I loved spending my time with Bilbo, and I really miss her now that her Mum has moved away to Dundee, and I don’t get to see her as often!

I work for Pawshake: where sitters like me provide plenty of attention, and can cater specially to your pet’s needs. I sit for all kinds of pets from dogs, and cats, to small pets and exotics.

Click me to book Chloe as your pet-sitter!

If you’re in the Edinburgh area, and need a pet-sitter, I’m your girl! You can have a look at, and book me, through my profile here.

Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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