Professional: I am an Animal Care Assistant at Ingliston Cattery & Kennels

I am excited to announce that I have a new role as Animal Care Assistant at Ingliston Cattery and Kennels.
Within this fast-paced role I have been able to use my skills in dog and cat husbandry on my daily rounds caring for the pets within the kennels and cattery. My daily work tasks can include: cleaning living areas, preparing food, walking dogs, providing enrichment, delivering medication, maintaining security, and preparing kennels for new arrivals.

My position here is temporary, and seasonal. That means, this is a great stepping-stone for building up my experience within the cat and dog care industry, with my aim to either work up to a permanent position here, or within another location within the area.

Screenshot (24)

I am enjoying my experience so far. There are a lot of dogs on site, and it is my job to make sure the dogs in my block are clean, fed, walked, and happy by the end of each day. The same can be said for the cats, but instead of walking, they get a little fuss and playtime, or just a chance to stretch their legs… cats very much make up their own minds about what they want to do!!

If you want to learn more about Ingliston Cattery and Kennels, or to book their services, check out their website here.



All images (except my legs!!) are from the Ingliston Cattery and Kennels website.

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