The Giant Lanterns of China at Edinburgh Zoo: Lost Worlds

Be transported back to a time where roar-some, weird and wonderful creatures roamed the Earth. Discover 570 million years of wildlife, from when the origins of life appeared as a dazzling array of tiny microbes, to a world where dinosaurs were born and the ice age gave way to the forgotten giants of the animal kingdom.” [source]

At the weekend we had a rawrsome visit to see the Giant Lanterns of China festival at Edinburgh Zoo as a little festive treat for my wee cousins. While we were not able to see the animal residents of Edinburgh Zoo, there were plenty of prehistoric giants lit up around the zoo.

The dinosaurs were fantastic, and the giant Brontosaurus was a favourite of mine. This festival really is a must-see! The lanterns are stunning, and a sculpture so simple, is turned magnificent with colours and shining lights. I really enjoyed travelling back through time and learning about all the primordial animals on our journey into the past… and of course the chance to toast a tasty marshmallow in the middle was a sweet highlight!!

The Giant Lanterns are on from the 15th November to the 26th January 2019 at Edinburgh Zoo, so make sure you don’t miss out and buy your tickets now!! Book your tickets here for Lost Worlds!! and check out “Scotland’s only lantern festival!

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