My Pets: Fluffy Jellyfish has moved! How are all the pets doing in Scotland?

It has been a while since my last updates post, so I thought I would fill you in on all that is happening in the Fluffy Jellyfish family!

First off, we have moved!!!!!

The Fluffy Jellyfish family has moved from Birmingham back to my hometown in Edinburgh! For now, we have moved in with my parents, until some time in the New Year when we are hoping to be settled enough to move into our own place. For now, myself and Stuart are concentrating on getting ourselves sorted out with work, and planning for our future home with our animal family!
I am happy to tell you that we managed to move everyone safely and happily. We moved in two trips, meaning that we could safely account for all the animals on the 6-hour trips from our home in Edgbaston, to my parent’s house in Eskbank.
On the first trip we moved most of our stuff! including our small rat cage (so we could have it set up and ready for the rat boys to move straight into on arrival while we set up their main cage), and the two hamsters (Pichu, and Maru) along with their cages and supplies. They were both very good travellers, and after building a nest out of all the bedding we put in their carriers, the two of them mostly slept for the whole trip, which was perfect!
On the second trip we moved the millipedes, Nebula, and Stuart’s scorpion, Gargan, as well as the mischief of rat boys!! We packed the back of the van with the rest of our stuff, and securely packed in the invertebrate cages, which we then placed the wire parts of the big rat cage on top of – this way, if anything fell during the trip, the glass enclosures would not be damaged… and I am really, really, really pleased to report the enclosures made it all in one piece, as did the lovely little creatures that live in them! – I’m not even sure they noticed we were moving!! The rat boys were a little stressed out at the start of the journey, and it took them a while to settle… but we made sure to keep giving them lots of treats and tasty distractions during the trip, so they were happily kept busy with food… and when they weren’t eating, they were snuggled up to each other for comfort.

I am so pleased that everybody made it okay! and that all the pets are now happy and settled into their new house in Scotland! So, I thought I would share with you some recent photos and a little update on each pet since the big move…



Pichu has settled into her new life in Scotland without any fuss, and I think she is enjoying being a little closer to the radiator than she was in the last house! We tend to see her a little earlier in the evening than was usual for her, and she seemed to be timing her wake up time to when the heating would click on! At first, I was paranoid that it was too hot, and she was unhappy, but all of her behaviours are normal, and she still enjoys coming out in the evenings to fall asleep on my lap next to the heater, so I think she is just enjoying being a little warmer!! I love this little fluffball, and I can’t believe she is going to be celebrating her second birthday in February!!!



I was a little more worried about Maru, than I was with Pichu. When we first moved in, Maru mostly stayed inside her little house, and hid! We could hear the odd scratching and crunching in the evening times, which meant she was coming in and out to get her food… but we very rarely saw her for the first couple of weeks. Now, Maru has never been one for seeking out attention, but she does usually show herself in the evenings to dart about and pick up the food that I scatter, so we were a little worried about her. Luckily, after a few weeks of hiding, she finally returned to her usual routine. I think it just took her a little longer to adjust to being in a new space… and I think we can all relate to that!!!


The Millipedes

I was really worried about the Millipede enclosure during the move! It is the biggest Exo Terra we have, and with all that glass… it really set my anxiety off that it was going to crack in the van! We prepared as best we could, packed it around some duvets and pillows, and put the wire part of the rat cage over the top for extra security, as well as moving the branches so they couldn’t fall and hurt the millipedes… and I am pleased to report all went smoothly, and we got the enclosure, and the leggy dudes here in one piece! After a little tlc to the inside of the enclosure, they were all settled in and enjoying life in Scotland… especially the recently grown lettuce that my Mum had in her vegetable patch!



Like with the Millipedes, I was a little worried about Nebula’s enclosure during the move, but we made it here with no breaks! And Nebula got to ride in the front, in his little temporary cup, with us! Not long after we settled into Edinburgh, he moutled! and it was time to move him into the big boy house!! aka the fully planted, and bioactive Exo Terra (check out the build video here). There have been a few plant changes since I first out that enclosure together, as I am still learning how to take care of plants, and I had to go for a little bit of trial and error to get stability… but I think all is okay at the moment! I’m planning to do another updates video about this enclosure soon, so make sure you subscribe to stay tuned for that!

The Rat Boys

The rat boys were the most likely to get stressed by the move, and after a couple of restless nights, they managed to settle themselves in well to their new home. We made sure to keep bedding, and dirty hammocks at the ready to give them scents they were familiar with to make them feel more at ease, and that, along with plenty of treats and snacks, seemed to do the trick and they all settled in wonderfully!
Sadly, not long after we moved in, our little rex boy Smaug passed away. Our vet thought it was likely to be an internal tumour, and while we did our best to care for him and help him through, he went down hill very quickly, and we had to make the difficult decision to help him over the rainbow bridge. You can read more about Smaug here. I miss him so much, and I am currently working on an illustration to remember him by as a way for my broken heart to heal.

Smaug (1)

Stay tuned for a lot more to come from Fluffy Jellyfish. When one story ends, there is always another to help keep us going. This little animal family is the best thing in my life, and I adore everything about my animal learning journey… and I hope you enjoy hearing about it too!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our updates! Please hit the follow button to keep up to date with the Fluffy Jellyfish family!

Until next time…

Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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