Professional: Puppy Sitting with Skye

Last week I had the complete joy of puppy-sitting for the adorable Shetland Sheepdog, Skye. Skye was a bundle of fun and fluff and I really enjoyed my time looking after her! She was so much fun to play tug of war with, and chasing her in the garden while she ran about with excitable zoomies was just the cutest thing! She was very well-behaved on her walk, and mostly paid attention to her training… she did just get a little distracted by all the squirrels though!! My favourite part of puppy-sitting Skye, apart from the obvious cuddles, was when she jumped about attacking the ice cubes her Mum left for her, and cronching down on the cold little treats… I wish I was that easily satisfied!!!

I work for Pawshake: where sitters like me provide plenty of attention, and can cater specially to your pet’s needs. I sit for all kinds of pets from dogs, and cats, to small pets and exotics.

Click me to book Chloe as your pet-sitter!

If you’re in the Edinburgh area, and need a pet-sitter, I’m your girl! You can have a look at, and book me, through my profile here.

Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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