My Pets: Praying Mantis Enclosure Build for Nebula

Gamora‘s empty enclosure has been sat on my shelf looking sad and empty for the past few weeks. I upgraded her to an Exo Terra because I wanted to constantly have life flourishing within this little enclosure… so… it’s time for a new enclosure upgrade!!

This time round, I have decided to make the enclosure fully bio-active, with the inclusion of live plants, a full clean-up crew, and a handmade living background. I did a lot of research in the run up to this build, and I was pretty confident that I could make it happen… let’s see how it goes…

This was my first time creating an enclosure like this… and I think I did a pretty good job for a complete beginner!! I am pleased with the result, and I am really excited to see how the plants grow and fill out the enclosure more. Hopefully I will manage to keep them growing, and won’t succumb to my not so green thumb!! If you have any tips for a plant-newbie, please drop me a comment below!! I may add more decorative elements to this in the future, but for now I am satisfied with how this enclosure looks. Be sure to hit that subscribe button to keep up to date with how Nebula gets on in her new enclosure!

Meet Nebula!

Nebula is a Giant Shield Mantis, and is an L3 nymph. He is just tiny at the moment, and I am currently unsure of her gender, but will update you when he next moults! I bought Nebula at the most recent Birmingham Entomological Show, which I wrote a post all about, and you can check it out here. Thank you Unseen Universe for my second beautiful Mantis. I love her so much already! and I am excited to see how this different species develops compared to Gamora. The Giant Shield Mantis is part of the Rhombodera genus of Mantis, the Rhombodera basalis. All species within this genus are large in size, and are native throughout Asia. They are best are known for their shield style or extended leaf-shaped thorax, from which they get their name. I named my little Mantis Nebula to be in-keeping with Gamora’s Guardians of the Galaxy name… got to have a theme somewhere!

Watch the video below to see the full enclosure build, and meet Nebula!!


What do you think of my enclosure? Do you think I did a good job? Do you have any advice for me? Drop a comment below with your thoughts! and be sure to hit the subscribe button to keep up with Nebula!

Stay tuned…

Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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