Conventions: A trip to The Birmingham Entomological Show 2019

We are back at Edgbaston Cricket Ground for another superb entomological show. This will feature a huge range of both live and papered specimens of tarantulas, beetles, moths, butterflies, katydids and stick insects as well as a host of other species. A full range of equipment will also be available including housing, moth traps, books, cabinets and trays and much more.” [source]

If you have not watched the video above, check it out! It is my video-blog of the show!!
At the weekend we popped down to our local cricket grounds to hang out with an awesome bunch of invertebrates at the Birmingham Entomological Show! It was a such a pleasant morning, and I really enjoyed wandering around looking at all the beautiful creatures on the stands.
Like with the Midland Entomological Show, there was an extensive variety on offer, and I still found it a little odd flitting from the alive animals, to the pinned and boxed taxidermy specimens. It is a strange juxtaposition moving from alive to dead within a few paces, and while I understand that invertebrates tend to have short lives, and to pin, and display them is a great way to preserve their beauty, and to educate, and inspire… but I still find it weirdly jarring to see the coming together of the two worlds of people who collect the dead, and people who home the alive… maybe I’m just thinking about it too much?! Perhaps I just don’t like it when animals are referred to as collections? In either case, there was a lot to look at, and a lot of creepy crawlies that I had to stop myself from taking home!!!

Did you know? The Tarantula’s fearsome reputation is based on fearfulness and phobias, rather than the reality. There are only a few species of Tarantulas that have a powerful bite, and the vast majority do not have venom that is toxic to humans. Tarantulas are fairly placid and are mostly harmless to humans. They will only attack us if they are provoked. For most species of Tarantulas, the bite is no more harmful to humans than a bee sting.



The most popular animals were the tarantulas. Most, if not all, tables had at least one tarantula on them somewhere! and there was a plethora of species to choose from… both myself, and Stuart, really had to resist picking one out! We are both really keen to add a tarantula to the family, but with our imminent move, it is not quite the right time at the moment… but with all the beautiful leggy dudes on offer, we did struggle to behave!!

However, we were at the show with the intention of adding a new invert to the family… but I’m not going to tell you quite yet what it was!! You’ll have to stay tuned for the next update, where I will not only introduce you to our new invert, but also with a video all about the enclosure build that I created for this new creature…

Enjoy this little sneak peek for now…

Birmingham Entomological Show (16)

Can you guess what’s in the pot? Drop a comment below with your guesses! and be sure to hit the subscribe button to discover what species we have added to the family!

Stay tuned…

Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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