Over the Rainbow Bridge: Gamora the Praying Mantis

Today I have some sad news to share with you. Gamora, my beautiful Giant Rainforest Mantis (Hierodula majuscula) passed over the rainbow bridge this week. She was my first ever invertebrate pet, and she was a perfect green lady. I miss her little alien face, and am saddened by her passing. It is, however, nice to know that she reached a good old age of 10 months, which is pretty old for a mantis! and I am glad she managed to live out her full life-span.

I have compiled a list of blog posts featuring Gamora, and I hope you will enjoy looking backing on them with me, and remembering how wonderful she was…

Conventions: A trip to The Midland Entomological Fayre 2018 & An Exciting New Addition to The Fluffy Jellyfish Family

My Art: Gamora

My Pets: Meet My Animal Family

My Pets: Gamora the Praying Mantis has an Exo Terra Enclosure Upgrade

Love you Gamora 💚💚💚


Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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