Over the Rainbow Bridge: Puff the Magic Ratto

Today I have some sad news to share with you. Puff, our beautiful all white pink-eyed rat baby, passed away a few weeks ago after losing a battle with a nasty respiratory infection.

Sadly, respiratory infection are a fairly common illness in most rodent species, and rats seem to suffer from them the most. Usually they are easy to treat with antibiotics, but sometimes when a rat does not have the best genetic background they can suffer from them worse than others. Puff was a rescue rat, and we are unsure of his background, but as he, and his two brothers, are very small rats and have had a myriad of health issues, we think they probably came from a backyard breeder.

I feel really bad that we could not do more for Puff. He was in and out of the vets for the last few months of his life, and had to put up with yucky antibiotics, and regular nebulising… we did make up for it with plenty of cuddles and tasty treats, but I wish his life with us had been a little longer, so we could have made up for the bad parts.

I miss you so much Puff and I hope you are feeling much better over the rainbow bridge, where I am sure there is plenty of pasta and beetroot for you to enjoy ❤❤❤

Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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  1. Sophie Walker says:

    So sorry to hear this 😦

    Is that a little foot print you got in clay? That’s a nice thing to remember Puff by xx


    1. Thank you ❤ Yeah, we are going to pop it in a frame with a photo of him, and will probably do the same with all of our pets as something to remember them by ❤


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