My Art: Cat-Spotting Feline Encounters Archive

I have made a zine all about cat-spotting!!! I am super-excited to share with you my new zine from my other ego Chloe Henderson as it is all about cats!!!

For those of you that are reading this and thinking “what the heck is a zine?!” A zine is like a non-commercial, non-professional magazine… but not quite. Unlike magazines, zines exist to share ideas, and more importantly share voices that usually go unheard, or art that goes unseen in the mass-produced magazines we are used to seeing. Also, zines are not generally made solely for profit, as the messages, and art contained within are more important than capitalist nonsense; the majority of zines just cover the costs of production/expenses of the artist. Typically zines are made using some form of collaging technique, be that cut and paste, or digital, and are then photocopied and printed; as these methods are available to almost everyone. However, there is no set way to make a zine, and anything goes in the zine world… and I think that is one of the things I like most about making zines!!

I plan to make many more zines, and a lot of my ideas involve animals! So, I will be sharing them all here with you… including the quarterly Fluffy Jellyfish zine I am working on at the moment, stay tuned for more about that little book of awesome coming soon! For now… enjoy my Cat-Spotting zine…

In this series of zines I will be taking you out on my travels and we will discover all the cats of the world together!! I will be snapping photographs out in the field, and taking them back to my zine workshop to discuss and rate my experiences with the various cats I stumble across in the world… and this little series is the result… my adventure guide to spotting cats and documenting my new furry friends!

Shop the Cat-Spotting Zine Collection by clicking me!!


Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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