Crunching Shells, A Dead Seal, and A Little Sunshine: A Wander Along Musselburgh Beach & Portobello Promenade

It’s winter, but the sun is shining, I am in Edinburgh, and I have not been to the seaside for months. I wrap up warm, and head out to meet Katie Mayes to have winter beach day collecting shells, and enjoying the calm of the ocean breeze.

It was perfect… well… other than the decaying seal corpse we stumbled across at Portobello Beach. I hope the little guy had a good life before being washed ashore.

Visit The British Divers website to read more about what to do if you find a stranded animal washed ashore.

Always take the time to enjoy the ocean when you can… and always remember to take your rubbish away with you! and I would highly recommend taking away any rubbish you come across while wandering along the shore. Bring an empty bag with you, fill it up, and re-use or recycle it appropriately. It’s a really easy way to do your bit for the environment, and if you have children you can turn it into a game and award prizes for who can collect the most rubbish! Just remember to wash your hands afterwards!!

Fluffy Jellyfish out.

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