Over the Rainbow Bridge: Bailey the Best Dog in the World

Today I have some sad news to share with you. While I was home in January, the best dog in the world passed away. Bailey Henderson you are so so missed.


If you have been following this blog, you might remember a few months ago I introduced you to Bailey, and told you all about how wonderful he is. As I have been living away from home (Edinburgh), in Birmingham, I have not been able to see Bailey as much as I would like, but I always made sure to spend as much time with him as I could when I visited home. This past Christmas was no different. I was home for the whole month of January, as I was house-sitting for my parents while they were on holiday in India for my Mum’s 50th Birthday. I was glad to have Bailey with me in the house, as it gets a bit scary at night with all the creaking old house noises it makes! Sadly, on Saturday 19th January, Bailey decided it was his time to go, and then the house was empty. I was so upset to find him in the morning, but I was also really happy that he had passed peacefully in his sleep – as our neighbours youngest daughter said… “falling asleep is a good way to start being dead.”

Bailey had a great life. He was so gentle, so loving, and everybody loved him – even my friend who is afraid of dogs loved Bailey. He wasn’t the smartest doggo, and lived up to his “blonde” reputation, but he made up for his special quirks by being completely adorable, and so friendly. He reached a good old age of 12, which is about 82 in dog years, and as you can see from all the photos below, he really was just another member in the Henderson family, and he was a fantastic part of so many of our adventures…


Bailey you are so so missed. I hope you are enjoying life over the rainbow bridge, and have caught up with Tom. You really were the best dog in the world, and the Henderson house is just not the same without you. All my love doggo ❤


IMG_5925 2

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