2018 Reflections & 2019 Goals

Happy New Year animal lovers!!!

2018 was a great year for Fluffy Jellyfish! it was the year that I set all of this up, and while it was towards the end of the year (October), I still managed to pack a lot in. I set up this blog, I got things going over on YouTube, I created a logo, customised all of my social media, launched the Fluffy Jellyfish Twitter and Instagram pages, started writing lots of blog posts, and creating videos… and I have so much more planned for 2019! Just check out my Instagram Top 9, and my Year of Colour to see how busy Fluffy Jellyfish has been…

2018 was also an important year for my family of animal friends. Myself, and Stuart bought our first pet together: Pichu the Syrian Hamster. We then decided to open our home to a rodent neither of us had kept before: Rats. We did all of our research, and adopted four rat babies… that were quickly followed by four more… and then another three were rescued not that long after!!! I set up my first Sea Monkey colony since I was a child, and this time have had great success so far! Stuart, and myself, also branched out into the entomological world, and we brought home our first invertebrate pets: Gamora the Rainforest Praying Mantis for me, and Gargan the Asian Forest Scorpion for Stuart. It has been a busy year for pets in our home! and I couldn’t be happier with our full house 🙂

With such a wonderful 2018… I can’t wait to get on with 2019 and have many many many more animal adventures!!!

Fluffy Jellyfish 2019 Goals

Achieve 10,000 blog views
Hit the 1,000 followers mark on both Twitter and Instagram
Make at least 50 videos for YouTube
Gain 50 subscribers on YouTube
Gain at least one work experience with an animal job
Own 5 successful Sea Monkey tanks
Complete at least 3 online animal care courses
Achieve at least 5 pet owner interviews
Visit at least 25 zoos/nature centres/farms/aquariums/etc.
Watch at least 100 nature documentaries
Read at least 20 books on the natural world
Create a zine for each of my current pets
Illustrate each of my current pets
Curate a collection of Fluffy Jellyfish merchandise
Successfully move all pets to Scotland in August!!!
Add a Crested Gecko to the family

I can’t wait to get started on all of my goals… and some of them are in progress already! Make sure to hit that follow button, and subscribe to this blog to keep up to date with my progress! Have a wonderful 2019 my animal friends ❤

Stay tuned…




*edit* This post is much much much later than it should have been, and I have been a little lax on my posting here due to the loss of the best doggo in the world, Bailey. A full post all about this beautiful boyyo coming soon. Bailey you are so missed 😦
Apologies for the lack of posting, but I hope you understand, and I will be back to regular programming imminently…




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