Magical Lanterns at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Magical Lantern Festival Birmingham is back due to exceptional demand with all new lanterns for 2018! This year’s Christmas themed Lantern Festival will illuminate the gardens turning it into a spectacular fusion of dual culture, vibrant colours and artistic sculptures. Prepare to enter a magical experience and discover life-sized and large-than-life lanterns in all shapes and forms. We promise visitors a truly amazing experience, a visual feast of light and illumination, hidden amongst the grandeur of Birmingham Botanical Gardens, which lends itself perfectly to the layout of the lanterns with its combination of woodland, gardens and pathways.” [source]

We popped along to the Magical Lanterns Festival 2018 at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens as a little festive treat before I return to Edinburgh for the Hollydays… and I was overjoyed to see a lot of the beautiful lanterns were of an animal theme! So, I figured this would be the perfect place to showcase all of my pretty photos of the creaturey lanterns…

p.s. The Magical Lantern Festival is well worth a visit if you get the chance… just remember to wrap up warm, and bring your brolly!!!

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