My Pets: Rat Introductions Diaries Days 4-14

If you caught the first postsecond post, and third post, then you will already know that we are in the process of introducing our three new rat boys to the original mischief. It has now been two weeks since we first started the introductions…

We left off, in the previous post, with the rat boys being moved into the big main cage (we have the Ferplast Furet Tower – it is made for ferrets, but works great for rats – which is large enough to comfortably house 15 rats!!). The cage had been thoroughly cleaned before adding them back in, and we removed all the decorations/accessories, which were also deep cleaned.
For now, the cage was very under-furnished, with just a few essentials: five water bottles, four litter trays (one in each of the back corners as that is where they tend to poop), a couple of rope toys to climb on, and a few flat hammocks to sleep in. It was important to keep the cage under-furnished to begin with, as a lack of accessories means less stuff for them to fight over and become territorial with.

Over these past couple of weeks, we have been adding more and more toys and accessories into the cage. Usually, we have been adding 2-3 new items each night after free-roam time. We feed them after free-roam, so adding in toys after this time meant that they would be distracted by food, and would explore the new items without being hangry! On the whole, we have found this method to work quite well – I will talk a little more about their behaviour in the next section…

But before I do, enjoy this video of the boyyos pea-fishing…


Over these past few weeks we have continued our daily routine of free-roaming them at night, and monitoring how they interact with each other.
On the whole, they have been great with each other! Minimal fighting, snuggling up to sleep with each other, contented nibble grooming, etc. etc. all the good signs!
However… we have started to notice that the two more confident new boys, Fafnir, and Puff, are starting to pick on Falkor a little. This is especially odd, as all of these guys have red eyes, and are white!! After observing them more closely, we think they have formed an odd brotherly love!! Fafnir and Puff love to play-fight, but Falkor, being a little older, is not quite as keen. So the fighting that we have heard/seen has resulted from the young guys trying to play with Falkor, but him just being grumpy, and basically screeching at them to bugger off!! We do think they are friends though; in the cage, the three of them are always sleeping together in a fluffy pile of white floofballs!! and we quite regularly see them grooming each other. I think their relationship is quite like the one I have with my own brother… it’s all laughs and smiles, until someone does something annoying and we start shouting obscenities at each other!! Humans and rats are not so different!!

Other than the red-eyed white fluff drama, we have had a pretty perfect set of introductions! and could not be happier with their progress.


I have filmed a lot of this process, and plan to create a vlog style video for my YouTube, so make sure you subscribe to my channel on YouTube to check that out! and I will check in with you in a few weeks time to let you know how all 11 boys are getting on.

Much love.
Fluffy Jellyfish out.


p.s. love you really Jamie!

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