Conventions: A trip to The Midland Entomological Fayre 2018 & An Exciting New Addition to The Fluffy Jellyfish Family

“What are you going to name her?”
“Well, I kind of wanted to name her after someone, you know, like a pop culture reference or something nerdy… she’s green… does she look like anyone?”
“Benedict Cumberbatch looks a bit like a praying mantis.”
“Rude…. but yeah, I guess he does.”
“Tilda Swinton also looks a bit like a praying mantis.”
“Can you just stop attacking all the actors I love!!! Aww man! I wanna call her Tilda now! Let’s maybe go with the green thing…”
“What about the hulk?”
“I’m not calling her the hulk. She is smaller than my finger. I don’t want to give her a complex. C’mon it can’t be that hard, there must be a bad-ass green woman that has ninja mantis skills?”
“What about Gamora?”…..

The Midland Entomological Fayre is held twice yearly and is a great friendly show for all ages. There is a huge amount of livestock / dried and mounted specimens of butterflies, moths, tarantulas, beetles, stick insects etc as well as books and equipment. There is a host of well recognised traders and collectors as well as some new traders at each show so come along and have a great day out.” [source]

If you have not watched the video above, check it out! It is my video-blog of the fayre!!
This past weekend we visited the Midland Entomological Fayre, and it was fantastic! There was a vast array of different invertebrates to peruse, both live and taxidermy specimens – as a sidenote I was little weirded out by all the dead specimens. I find it odd that there were both there. Do not get me wrong, I completely understand life cycles, and can understand why people would want to collect these naturally beautiful creatures to enjoy… but I do always find I end up with mixed feelings regarding the collection of dead specimens/taxidermy. Anyway, ramble over… just a note!! – as well as lots of supplies, enclosures, and even some insect-y crafts.



I was visiting this fayre with the full intention of picking up a new pet. I knew what I wanted. I had done my research… and I am happy to announce that I found a new member of the Fluffy Jellyfish family to take home.

Meet Gamora…


I think I am going to need a micro lens if I am going to take decent photos/films of her… Santa if you are reading this, you know what to pop in your sack for my Christmas this year please!!!
Gamora is a Giant Rainforest Praying Mantis (Hierodula majuscula)
, and she is beautiful. I would love to say a huge thank you to Unseen Universe where I bought Gamora from, as they were fantastic in answering all of my questions, and getting me set-up with a beautiful home for my new baby to live in.
I decided to go for this species as they are fairly hardy, and their care requirements are easy for a beginner to the mantis-keeping world… also, she is just stunning! I also decided to go for a slightly older mantis. Gamora is 2-3 moults away from being an adult. Most of the stalls, including Unseen Universe, had mantis nymphs (aka baby mantids) for sale, but I decided for my first time that I would go for a (nearly) adult as she would be a little easier to look after, and I only needed to buy one setup (a nymph would require a smaller enclosure).
I am really excited to have Gamora, and I will be sharing lots of updates of her progress in my life… so be sure to subscribe! and follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, if you have not done that yet, to keep up with Gamora’s story…

In the future I would love to write a post all about the care of this lady, and maybe a few how-tos and fact-files all about mantids… but for now, I have a lot more to learn! and Gamora needs to settle into her new home first.

Stay tuned…

Did you know? The word mantis comes from the Greek mantikos, meaning soothsayer or prophet. You can see why they were given this name by looking at their forelegs; when they are clasped together, they little creatures look like they are praying… hence Praying Mantis!


p.s. Stuart also bought a new baby… an Asian Forest Scorpion (Heterometrus spinifer) so stay tuned for a post all about him too!


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