Professional: Cat Sitting with Dita & Dora

This weekend I had the pleasure of cat-sitting for these lovely sisters… meet Dita & Dora! Dora (the blacker of the two) was always waiting by the front door to greet me as I arrived, and purred away like a tiny steam engine as I petted her, and tickled her behind the ears. She was quite happy to hang out with me as I went about my kitty tasks, and when I was done she would sit on my lap for a little cuddle as I sent an update to her parents. Dita was a little more nervous, and would hide away from me. I was quiet, and gentle, and over the days of my visits she slowly came to accept me, and by the end was even happy enough to let me stroke her! They were both such lovely cats, and I was really honoured to get to spend such wonderful quality time with them…

This was our first time using Catinaflat, and we weren’t sure what to expect. Chloe was very calm and professional. Very prompt at responding to our first enquiry, and made the whole process very easy and stress-free. Our cats can be a little shy with new people, but they seemed to warm to Chloe very quickly. She kept us updated everyday, and took some gorgeous pictures too, which was a nice bonus. I would definitely recommend Chloe to a friend, and would be very happy for her to look after our cats again in the future.” – Dita & Dora’s Human

I work for Cat in a Flat: a wonderful pet-sitting service, specialising in cats. Cat in a Flat is a trusted service that has created a network for matching up loving cat-sitters with cat owners to offer pet care for fluffy felines.

Click me to book Chloe as your cat-sitter!

If you’re in the Birmingham area, and need a cat-sitter, I’m your girl! You can have a look at, and book me through my profile here.

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