My Pets: Rat Introductions Diaries Day 2

If you caught the first post you will already know that we are in the process of introducing our three new rat boys to the original mischief. We are on to day 2 of introductions…

We left off, in the previous post, with the rat boys spending the night in the cat carrier. They were perfect all night, and this morning we knew it was time to move them into the small rat cage.
We thoroughly cleaned the cage last night, and stripped it back to the bare essentials, with just a layer of substrate, a scattering of food, and three water bottles. It is important that there are no toys, or hammocks, or any accessories in the cage (other than water bottles and food of course!), as this could cause the rats to want to defend their territories/objects and lead to fighting. It does mean for bored rats, but this method of introductions is fairly quick, so they are not going to be bored for very long.

We supervised them throughout the day while cleaning out their huge main cage in preparation for them to move back in. They were very well behaved. At first, they more mostly distracted by the food, and as that started to run out there were a few scuffles, but nothing out of the ordinary. They soon settled down to sleep for the day, and were happily mixing in together to cuddle up… perfect!

Just before dinner we decided to put in two flat hammocks. We made sure we picked hammocks that they could easily escape from if a fight did start, but they were more excited than territorial, and soon swarmed the hammocks!

They have been so great so far, and we are so lucky to have such a lovely group of rat boys. Tomorrow we will be taking them out for a free roam session to see how they do in a bigger space, and will add a few more toys and accessories into this small cage… wish us luck!! and subscribe to keep up to date with this adventure!

More coming soon…

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