Raindrops & Cacti: A Trip to Kew Garden

We have an afternoon to spend in London and the rain is pouring down heavily from above… so of course we decide that the best thing we can do with our day is to wander around some beautiful gardens…

We want to live in a world where plants and fungi are understood, valued and conserved. Discover our science and visit our world-leading botanic gardens.” [source]

Kew Gardens makes for a surprisingly good day out in the rain! The huge expansive property has plenty to do under cover, and when the rain eased off we managed to explore the grounds too. As we just had an afternoon to spend here, we only covered half of all the wonderful things to do. On our visit we saw: The Palm House, The Davies Alpine House, and The Princess of Wales Conservatory, as well as stopping for an overpriced cup of tea and cake in The Orangery. There was so much more we could have seen, and I will be planning a trip back here in the not too distant future… this time we will wait for sunshine!!

For me, the highlight of the trip was The Princess of Wales Conservatory. Inside were various rooms comprising 10 different temperate zones, housing a stunning array of plants inside each. My favourites to see where the pretty orchids, and the luscious desert planted with a magnificent range of spikey bois, aka cacti. It was also in here where we spotted some of the few animal residents at Kew. Inside their showcases of underwater plants, the aquariums also held axolotls, angelfish, turtles, and many other finned beauties. While a small part of the total gardens, this underwater gardenscape was my favourite, and is quite easily missed! so be sure to keep a look out when you visit.


Did you know? Cactus spines can be used for medical sutures, after they have been first sterilised on hot coals… remember that next time you’re wandering through the desert!!


Kew Gardens at a glance…

Opening Hours
Open daily from 10:00-15:30

Adults: £13.75* / £12.50
Children: (4–16) £3.50
Children under 4: free
Concessions: £12.10* / £11
* Includes a voluntary donation

Getting There
Address: Kew, Richmond, TW9 3AE OR use Google Maps here.
Kew Gardens is easily accessed via public transport, see here for more details.

Additional Information
The gardens are largely accessible.
There are a variety of cafes, restaurants, and shops available on site.
Dogs are not allowed on site (unless they are registered assistance dogs).
Bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc. are not allowed on site.

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