My Pets: Maru

Meet Maru! She is the latest addition to our fluffy family. Maru is a teeny tiny Roborovski hamster, and she is our little fluffy frog bean. Maru is a rescue hamster, as she was bullied by her previous cage-mate, so came to us a little underweight… but we’re figuring out what foods are her favourite and helping her back to perfect fluffy pingpong ball health!!

She is called Maru because we think she looks a little bit like a teensy fluffy hedgehog, and there is hedgehog Pokemon called Togedemaru, hence Maru!!

Maru Oct18 (4) bw small

Roborovski hamsters, or robos, are the smallest species of pet hamster, and as adults only grow to be 4-5cm in length… making Maru not that much bigger than your big toe!! Robos originate from desert regions found in Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and China, and are crepuscular creatures.

Did you know that robos are best known for their high speeds, and often run an equivalent of four human marathons a night?!

Due to their high speeds, robos are often known as “look but don’t touch” pets, as handling them can be difficult. We are in the process of hand-taming Maru, and she is doing wonderfully. We have been really lucky with her temperament, as she is very friendly, and although a tad wary of us to begin with, is now happy to be in our hands for short periods of time. She is still a bit odd with taking food from our fingers, and we’re still trying to figure out what foods to tempt her with – we think she has slight food hangups due to her past with her unpleasant cage-mate.

We love our fluffy little bean and can’t wait to share her adventures with you!

Maru Oct18 (7)

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