Discovering Pixelated Creatures at BrickLive 2018

This past weekend I treated Stuart to a trip to BrickLive 2018 for his belated Birthday because he is a MASSIVE Lego fan! and it turned out to be a lot more creaturey than I had expected…


The Mythical Beasts section of this event was a fantastic highlight for me, not only did it feature stunning animalisitic creatures, but I am a huge mythology fan. I was especially excited to see a classical Greek rendition of a Chimera (pop over to the Chloe Henderson website to see exactly why that was so exciting for me). To me, this is what Lego is all about… not just the building of sets, but the impressive sculptures that can be built with such incredible imagination and hard-work.

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  1. Elaine Henderson says:

    Wow can’t believe these are all made from Lego!

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    1. I know!! Aren’t they amazing? 😯


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