My Pets: The Rat Boys

Meet the rat boys. We have eight wonderful rat boyyos, all with dragon themed names! Alduin, Diaval, Drogon, Smaug, Mushu, Horntail, Haku, and Falkor.

Rats tend to be looked down upon as pets, and they do not have a very good reputation. People think they are dirty, gross, and quite often it’s their tails that freak people out. But look at their cute wee faces…

Rat Boys

How could you not fall in love with these little guys?! Our rat boys are adorable! and they make lovely pets. They’re like tiny little dogs, very affectionate, very greedy!! and they always come up to the cage door to greet us when we come home.

Now to introduce you to all eight boys in our mischief…

Alduin (4)

Alduin is the most affectionate of the group. There is nothing he likes now than to lick our faces, and make sure every inch of us is clean! He is a very inquisitive boy, and the most adventurous of the group.


Haku (4)

Haku is most likely to be the alpha. They’re all jostling for top spot at the moment, and it appears as though Haku will be the winner. He is a very gentle boy with us, and is the most active boyyo.


Drogon (2)

Drogon is the biggest rat boy, and very much lives up to his name! He can be a bit grumpy, and won’t take any nonsense from the younger boys, but he loves a tickle behind the ears.


Mushu (2)

Mushu is a mischievous little nuisance sometimes! He loves nibbling our toes, and we have had to invest in some rat proof slippers for free roam time!! He also likes sitting on top of our heads, and curling his tail around our noses!!


Smaug (1)

Smaug is the smallest little rat boy. Sometimes the others pick on him a little, and he can be quite shy. My shoulder is his safe space. His best friend is Drogon, who sticks up for him when the other boyyos pick on him… and we make sure to give him extra treats when the other boys aren’t looking!!


Horntail (1)

Horntail is a greedy boyyo! There is nothing he likes better than being first in line to get fed, and he always dives straight into the treat food at free roam time. Like his brother Mushu, he is also a bit of a toe nibbler!!


Diaval (3)

Diaval is a trouble starter! If there is a fight, it’s most likely Diaval that started it. He tends to submit fairly easily, so he isn’t vying for alpha position, he just likes to cause trouble!!


Falkor (5)

Falkor is the laziest boy, and he is a bit of a chubby potato rat! Falkor can quite often be seen munching on his dinner with his eyes still closed, and he spends most of his time asleep! He is very much my spirit rat!!

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