My Pets: Pichu

Pichu is the first pet that I bought together with my partner, so she is our special little first child fluffball.
Pichu infected us with our love for small pets, and as you’ll soon see in future posts we are now parents to many more rodents because of how adorable she is!

Pichu (1) small

Pichu is a Syrian Hamster. Syrian hamsters, also sometimes known as golden hamsters, are the largest hamster species. They make fantastic pets as they are easy to take care of, relatively inexpensive, don’t require huge amounts of space (although they do require much bigger cages than are typically sold at pet shops… but more on that later!), are easily sourced from reputable breeders and rescue centres, and with gentle taming can be lovely affectionate creatures.

Pichu is now very affectionate with us, and when she is not running in her favourite wheel, she likes to spend time climbing all over us during free roam time, nibbling her favourite vegetables from our hands, and then falling asleep in a little round fluffy ball beside us!

We love you Pichu, and you will always be our first baby!!

Pichu (8)

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