My Pets: Tom Jones

Meet Tom Jones. My best friend of 18 years. He sadly passed last year just before I moved down to Birmingham. He was a wonderful moggy, and the best cat we could have had.

I am a crazy cat lady to the core, and had wanted a cat since I was very small. My parents relented at age 7 and we got Tom. They had searched for ages for kittens, finally finding a surprise litter, with a black and white moggy that nobody wanted… but we did, and he was the most wonderful cat!

Tom Jones the Cat (1)

Oddly, he was not named Tom Jones after the signer, it was simply that I choose the name Tom for him (due to loving the books Sophie’s Tom by Dick King Smith), and my Mum’s maiden name was Jones… when we realised how amusing it was, the name stuck!

I miss you Tom. I hope you’re snoozing in the sun over the rainbow bridge.

Tom Jones and Chloe

I wrote a zine about Tom after he died, you can find it HERE.


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